AT-SINC, LLC (AT-SINC) is a multi-faceted services company providing installation and consulting services for Microsoft and Oracle Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. With worldwide clients in the industrial, media, energy, finance and government market sectors, the experience of our AT-SINC team allows us to provide organizations with several distinct solutions of unique products and quality services.

For over 20 years, AT-SINC has provided physical asset management software and services to assist organizations to record, track, depreciate and replace their physical assets.



Asset Management

Asset Management

AT-SINC provides innovative products and expert services to the industrial, energy, mining, construction and governmental markets worldwide. We continually search for and evaluate innovative new products to supply to these markets.

  • CRM On Demand: Focus on key client information

  • CRM On Demand: Dashboards providing key information to the organization

  • CRM On Demand: Dashboard provide pipeline information

  • CRM On Demand: Provides full CRM capability

  • Asset Management: Depreciation Report by Asset Category

  • Asset Management: Asset Listing for a Specific LocationAccess and use with smartphones

  • Dynamics CRM: Pipeline dashboard with touch navigation

  • Dynamics CRM: Works on mobile devices

  • Dynamics CRM: New UI explained

  • Dynamics CRM: Capabilites of license tiers

  • Dynamics CRM: Dashboard provide information summaries

  • Dynamics CRM: Three license tiers

  • Dynamics CRM: Easy touch navigation